Health and beauty from the inside out!

Our appearance, skin, mood and various health problems reveal what is happening to us on the inside. In order to prevent accelerated aging, it is necessary to achieve a balance of important substances in the body.

Fortunately, we can measure what is happening inside us and help achieve this balance. So that you can live a full life for as long as possible.

At the Happy Aging clinic, we conduct unique laboratory analyses: we evaluate the level of oxidative stress in the body, the levels of vitamins, minerals and heavy metals, and the presence of inflammatory processes. We cooperate with laboratories in Denmark, Germany, Spain and the USA to provide the highest quality services and global expertise. We are the first clinic in the Baltics to offer the unique service of measuring biological age by determining the length of your telomeres.

The results of the analysis come with a personalised therapy plan that helps restore the missing reserves and lowers the level of toxic substances in your body.