Have you noticed increased hair loss lately?

Hair loss often indicates the presence of a medical condition or the lack of vitamins and micronutrients in the body even before other symptoms appear. Hair loss is not caused only by one harmful factor, it is the result of a combination of factors.

Common causes of hair loss include:

  • oxidative stress
  • hormonal factors
  • thyroid dysfunction
  • iron deficiency and other chronic conditions
  • allergies and hypersensitivity to certain foods
  • gut problems and microbiome imbalance
  • lack of vitamins and micronutrients or their excessive accumulation in the body.

The hair loss diagnostics developed by Happy Aging is a combination of analyses that identifies the causes of hair loss.

Analyses included: PerOx (total oxidant content), ferritin, Hemogram, TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone), TPO IgG (anti-thyroid peroxidase immunoglobulin G), biotin.

Hair loss diagnostics 140 euros

Anti-hair loss infusion therapy 199/240 euros

Infusion therapy is 20% cheaper for clients of hair loss diagnostics!

Hair loss occurs when the development of the hair root cells in the hair follicle is disrupted and the hair stops growing and dies before the end of the genotypic growth cycle.

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