Measuring biological age


The Happy Aging clinic is the first clinic in the Baltics to offer a telomere measuring service, a method that clinical studies have proven as reliable. This technology is unique because it can measure more than 100,000 individual telomeres, one chromosome at a time, in thousands of cells, giving an outline of your health at cellular level. Based on this information, our anti-aging doctors create a personal lifestyle plan that is suitable for your body and helps slow down the aging process.

If you want to improve your quality of life, physical capacity and ability to cope with stress, you should adjust your lifestyle to meet the needs of your body. Knowing your biological age is important if you are healthy, but even more important if you are suffering from health concerns.

Not all people age at the same rate, even if they are exactly the same age chronologically. Changes in our body are not linear or constant, and are only marginally related to our actual age. Chronological age is what we see in our passports, while biological age is our actual age, which depends on the body’s condition and metabolism. 

Our DNA is made up of strings of chromosomes. At the end of each chromosome are telomeres that protect genetic information. Cells use this information to divide. Each division shortens the telomere until the cell can divide no longer. This process causes aging, while the rate of this process is affected by our genetics, environment and lifestyle. A blood test gives us information about the aging process at the cellular level.

Measuring biological age and consultation with a doctor – price 699 euros

Measuring biological age, consultation with a doctor and oxidative stress analysis package for a complete overview – price 829 euros

Measuring biological age and Happy Aging analyses package – price 1049 euros

Measuring biological age – price 599 euros

A report with the results is prepared in English with the doctor’s summary in English.

We recommend retaking the test after a year to evaluate the effectiveness of the action plan and, if necessary, make additional corrections to your lifestyle.



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