Iron IV therapy

Iron is necessary particularly in our blood. Iron plays a key role in the binding and transport of vital oxygen in haemoglobin, i.e. transporting oxygen from the lungs to tissues.

Iron increases resistance to stress and illness. Iron is directly linked to the feeling of fatigue, and normal levels of iron in the blood help to maintain the skin’s natural colour.

Long-term iron deficiency is the most common cause of anaemia.

Iron deficiency is indicated by fatigue, weakness, reduced tolerance to physical exertion, irritability, inattention, shortness of breath, headache, ringing in the ears, palpitations, onset or worsening of heart failure, paleness, brittleness of nails and hair, cracks in the corners of the mouth, sore tongue, loss of appetite, appetite disorders (cravings for chalk, cement, ice, etc.).

Iron therapy involves an intravenous iron infusion.

300 mg iron 200 euros
500 mg iron 370 euros

A blood test is necessary before the procedure.

We recommend following up with antioxidant IV therapy to help the body cope with the neutralisation of residual oxidants from the iron infusion and also from other processes.

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