Weight management



The goal: achieving your optimal body weight under professional medical guidance in a healthy and balanced way that ensures effective and long-lasting results.

Achieving and maintaining your ideal weight is a skill! Our metabolic rate slows down as we age, making it increasingly difficult to control our weight. Our specialists at the Happy Aging clinic have come up with an effective weight loss programme that will help you regain control of your weight.

We use an evidence-based approach that accelerates your body’s metabolic rate, promotes fat burning and reduces appetite. In addition, it supports your general health by improving sleep quality and mood and boosting energy levels.


  • Medical consultation – setting your personal goals and drafting a personal plan
  • Gene test – the DNA Diet package, which reveals your genetic predispositions
  • Nutritional therapist – a haute couture consultation on nutrition and physical activity
  • IV therapies – vitamins, minerals and other endogenous substances that help burn calories naturally and speed up your body’s metabolic rate
  • Prescription drugs – reduce appetite, curb cravings and guarantee weight loss

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Price of initial consultation: 80 euros (30min)

“I have been watching my weight for decades by combining conscious nutrition with sufficient physical activity and different diets. Everything worked perfectly until I reached transition age. After all the age-related changes to my body and hormonal balance, I was stuck in a dead end where the weight control methods I had previously used were no longer effective. I was not sleeping enough, suffering from a lack of motivation and a constant need to nibble on tasty snacks, with my blood sugar level reaching a near-perilous high. After experimenting with hormone therapy (which, unfortunately, did not work for me), I found the right combination of natural preparations to balance my hormonal system, and with the weight management programme designed by the experts at Happy Aging, I feel that I can stay in shape even after 50! I have now been following the programme for 4 months. The weight loss has been gentle but steady. Needless to say, I still continue to eat sensibly and work out moderately. My cravings have subsided, and the powerlessness and anxiety I felt about weight control has been replaced by a pleasant optimism that anything is possible! I think about food only during mealtimes, the cravings to snack in between have vanished completely. My need for coffee has decreased significantly. Overcoming weight management anxiety has greatly improved my sleep! As an added bonus, I have better digestion.”
– Hanne

“My appetite has decreased and I feel that I am no longer able to consume the amounts of food that I used to. In the third week, I noticed a drastic decrease in my cravings. Before, my thoughts and movements constantly revolved around the refrigerator, while now I have been able to enjoy my evenings in peace without food or snacks being part of every activity. I have even lost cravings for Coke zero. The food compulsions are gone. It is such a pleasant and liberating feeling.”
– Jaan

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